At FTP, we talk a lot about our formulas that are made with unrefined hemp extract, also referred to as unrefined CBD.  We have also used this unique type of hemp extract in our famous NOIDS formula to deliver this form of hemp into the body in the form of easy-to-take softgels.  But what does unrefined CBD actually mean, and how does it make our capsules different from the rest?

Noids CBD Softgel Capsules (48 count) Jar

What is Unrefined CBD?

Unrefined CBD simply refers to hemp extract that has not been run through refinement processes.  You may notice that our unrefined products are darker in color and have a more plant-like flavor.  This isn’t because we’re using different plant material than other companies, but rather because we don’t utilize the same processing techniques that many other brands use.

The refinement process of hemp extract involves stages of purification intended to turn that dark, strongly flavored hemp extract into a beautiful golden-colored, neutral-tasting finished product.  While this might be easier on the senses, the truth is, these techniques do not yield the most potent product.  Highly refined cannabidiol is going to have lower levels of compounds, and be less chemically stable, due to being tampered with. 

Ultimately, the only benefits they offer is a cleaner taste and more attractive color. FTP isn’t interested in the superficial aspects of the hemp experience.  Quite simply, we want to provide a product with the best shot at delivering the results you are looking for.

What Makes Unrefined Hemp Extract Uniquely Beneficial?

We strongly believe that unrefined hemp extract is more beneficial than one that has been subjected to various refinement processes, and our customers agree with us (that’s why they’re our customers).  There are specific advantages to choosing unrefined hemp.

Advantage #1: Higher Potency

Refinement processes gradually break down specific compounds in hemp that we are seeking out, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and nutrients.  The darker color of unrefined hemp, along with the stronger smell and flavor, indicate a more potent product, as higher levels of the compounds are present.

Advantage #2: More Chemically Stable

Further, refinement destabilizes the compounds, as they are quite sensitive to the refinement processes used by many companies and manufacturers.  What this means is that the shelf life of the product may be shorter, and the compounds may be more likely to break down and lose their potency when exposed to heat, light and humidity.  Understandably, customers deserve a product that is as stable as possible.

Advantage #3: Better Bioavailability

Bioavailability is a term that refers to how efficiently the compounds in hemp can absorb into the body for maximum results.  It’s a somewhat elusive term as there are so many factors that can determine how bioavailable a product is.  But what we do know is that the less processed the plant material is, the more bioavailable it will be.  Therefore, our unrefined CBD offers uniquely high levels of bioavailability to the body, which can bring you that much closer to reaching your goals.

Advantage #4: More Conducive to the Entourage Effect

The entourage effect refers to the synergistic relationship between the many compounds in the hemp plant, which, when taken together, can offer a stronger response in the body overall.  One way to maximize the entourage effect, which can only be obtained with full spectrum hemp, is to take the compounds in the most bioavailable manner possible.  This is why unrefined hemp extract may better promote the entourage effect.

Advantage #5: More Economical

Of course, if each dose provides more effectiveness, then unrefined CBD may be more cost-efficient.  In short, less is needed each day to deliver the desired results.

NOIDS by CBD for the People: Unrefined Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

FTP NOIDS are our full spectrum CBD capsules, made with unrefined hemp extract that’s naturally rich in every cannabinoid, terpene, flavonoid and nutrients present in the flowering buds of the hemp plant, from which all CBD is derived.  Being unrefined, the capsules have a “plantier” flavor and a darker color, but because the capsules are swallowed whole, the flavor impact is minimal. 

Essentially, these gel caps are as close to the raw plant as possible, while still being activated with heat to ensure that the compounds are functional in the body, unlike the raw buds of hemp.

These softgels are ideal for daily use, as they provide a strong boost of hemp compounds to the body in a way that is highly bioavailable.  They can give you more of the effects that you are seeking out due to their unrefined state, meaning that you can truly maximize each dose.  Just one to two capsules per day is capable of bringing you that much closer to reaching your CBD-related goals.

Unrefined Dark CBD Softgels

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