Please read thoroughly to learn about all our batch coded QR testing, and how our CBD is made!

Master batch extraction using supercritical CO2

The delicate extraction process to get our amazing CBD begins at our suppliers’ certified GMP facilities. Supercritical CO2 is pumped through the hemp plant material to collect the first step of extraction, the dark MASTER BATCH – this is the foundation from which all our products are born. Our master batch is 100% full-spectrum, and lab tested at every level before moving into the next steps of distillation and winterization. The MASTER BATCH extract at this level is very dark, thick and nutrient dense. Review all 12 pages of the master batch lab results below.

Master Batch lab results

Legal Compliance, Pesticides, Residual Solvents, Microbes,and Contaminate lab testing.

Grade 1 Distillation

Every step of distillation from this point on “condenses” the extract and brings the percentage of CBD higher. See on the lab results how the CBD content goes up from the MASTER BATCH? Distillation condenses the thick extract allowing stronger CBD percentages as we move up the ladder.


DARK RAW: At this step we have our DARK RAW, used to make our tinctures, salve lotions, and NOIDS softgels. This dark raw is packed full of natural plant nutrients, and as you can see the CBD content has gone up due to LEVEL 1 distillation while still keeping THC content below the legal limit of 0.3%. It takes over 2 grams of MASTER BATCH RAW to make just 1 gram of DARK RAW.
Dark Raw Lab Results

Grade 2 Distillation


This level of distillation CONDENSES the DARK RAW further, filtering out most of the darker plant material to create a perfect, vape-able raw wax, now a beautiful blonde color. This is what we use in our original X1 30% wax cartridges. Again, see on the lab results below how the CBD content goes up again due to GRADE 2 distillation while still keeping THC content below the legal limit of 0.3%. ND (“not detected”) means THC is so far below 0.3% that it is not significantly measurable with the instruments available. It takes almost 2 grams of DARK RAW to make just 1 gram of our BLONDE RAW. 
X1 - BLONDE RAW Lab Results


At FTP, absolutely.

Physical Cartridge Metal Test Lab Results
cbd cartridge 1000mg - super lemon haze

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Grade 3 Distillation


This level of distillation condenses the BLONDE RAW even further to a rich amber color. This AMBER RAW is used to make our powerful X2 cartridges. CBD at this 65% level is extremely potent and can crystallize from time to time. This happens because CBD is a large molecule and wants to crystallize at high levels. See again on the lab results how the CBD content has risen drastically due to GRADE 3 distillation while still keeping THC content well below the legal limit of 0.3%. It takes roughly 2.5 grams of X1 BLONDE to make just 1 gram of X2 AMBER RAW.
X2 - AMBER RAW Lab Results

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Grade 4 Distillation


Here we basically have Grade 3 distillation on steroids. By utilizing state-of-the-art technology, hemp extract can be refined well past 80% CBD while still PRESERVING some of the phytonutrients from the original plant and reducing THC to nondetectable levels. This highly crystallized, SUPER CONCENTRATED wax is used in our X3 and XN cartridges; our X3 likes to turn to rock candy (which is why we only recommend using it with the EliteHEAT™ battery), but CBN stays liquid which keeps the XN nice and flowy with 70+% cannabinoids. It takes about 1.5 grams of X2 AMBER RAW to make 1 gram of our X3 GOLD RAW.

X3 - Lab Results XN - Lab Results

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Isolate tinctures

These are our tinctures made specifically for people worried about drug tests, using 99.5+% pure CBD isolate with absolutely no THC. Look for the “ND” (not detected) next to Δ9THC in the certificate of analysis.

CBD Tincture Bottle 1000MG


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CBD Tincture Bottle 5000MG


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CBD Tincture Bottle 10000MG


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Hemp Flower

CBD Hemp Flower Nugs - 27% CBD Content

27% “Wine Widow”

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Terpene Lab Results

Terpenes are potent aromatic molecules in nature that give fruits and plants their unique scent, taste, and feel. Each little terpene is special in its own way and studies suggest they may even have unique effects on the body. Each of our terpene blends contain different amounts of over 30 different terpenes. Using so many different terpene blends enhances all of our products putting them in a class of their own. Google the terpenes you see in our lab results to find what terpene blend best suites your needs. Don’t forget, everyone’s body is different and different terpenes may appeal to you more than another person. Listen to your body and experiment with all our amazing blends.

If you have any further questions about any of our due diligence lab testing, please contact our support team @ 844-804-4020 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm PST or email us at