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Looking for the most concentrated source of CBD on the planet? Choose a CBD wax cartridge that delivers a hefty dose of pure, organic CBD. At FTP, our Uncut CBD Vape Cartridges come in a variety of strengths, strains, and sizes to meet your needs!

Many people wonder what the difference is between CBD wax cartridges and CBD vape juice. Vape juice or e-liquid is usually made of propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin. From there, it can be infused with CBD or other substances. E-liquid cartridges can be vaped at a moment’s notice with no preheating necessary, but they are usually less potent and usually contain ingredients that are not natural or organic.

On the other hand, Uncut cartridges contain nothing but CBD concentrate, which is a waxy, oily substance that comes straight from the hemp plant. There are no fillers whatsoever, so you’re getting a very potent source of CBD! The consistency of the CBD wax in Uncut cartridges is different than vape juices. Instead of being free-flowing at all temperatures, it can solidify when cool. When solidified, you’ll need to gently heat your Uncut cartridge to get it back to its liquid state so you can vaporize it. But the benefits are worth it!

CBD Vape Cartridge FAQ's

What does “uncut wax” mean?
Short answer: It means a more potent product that’s much healthier with no added nastiness. Long answer: Many companies on the market today cut their cartridges with MCT’s (from coconut oil), hemp oil, PG, VG, or other unnatural chemical carriers and additives to maximize profits and create a free flowing product. We do the exact opposite. We leave our cartridges fully uncut, thick, and extremely potent blended only with natural terpene profiles. This is the most organic CBD vape available on the market; the cleanest way to vape CBD.
Short answer: Try it and see for yourself! Long answer: While CBD is not FDA-approved to help with medical conditions like anxiety, there is evidence that it can help lower peoples’ stress levels and reduce such negative feelings. We cannot provide medical advice, but some people do find that vaping CBD is incredibly relaxing and soothing. Everyone gets stressed from time to time, and CBD could potentially be a big help to you on stressful days! That being said, if you struggle with clinical anxiety, it’s always a good idea to seek medical treatment and ask your healthcare provider about the best treatment options.
Short answer: Again...try it and see for yourself! Long answer: Many people report that vaping CBD can reduce their pain levels and provide comfort and relaxation. Chronic pain and injuries are difficult to deal with, but when you have the right pain management strategy for you, it can be a lot more bearable! Vapers often report quicker pain relief than those who take CBD orally or topically. CBD is commonly used to help with pain and inflammation, but it is not FDA-approved for these purposes. Again, it’s very important that you discuss this with your healthcare provider so they can help you decide on the best strategy for your needs, especially if you're taking any medications that might contraindicate CBD (and when in doubt ask your doctor or pharmacist).
Short answer: In most places YES, but check your local jurisdiction to be sure. Long answer: As long as the CBD product in question is hemp-derived and contains little to no THC, you’re in the clear.** THC is the chemical compound that delivers the familiar “high” or “stoned” effect. For that reason, products containing more than 0.3% THC are restricted in many US states, as well as in countries around the world. But our CBD products are lab-tested and verified to be under the legal limit of THC. They won’t cause any psychoactive effects, and they are completely legal! ** SD, IA: Sorry...these states currently don't allow CBD in any form, because [reasons]. Call your representatives! ** ID: This state only allows CBD products that test at zero-THC, which currently includes only our X1 and XN vapes.
Short answer: Only if you like having lungs that work. Long answer: Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) have both been linked to lung damage when vaporized and inhaled. Both of these products are generally recognized as safe when ingested, but they just aren’t meant to go into our respiratory tract. In contrast, MCT’s have unique chemical properties that make them safer to inhale, but they dilute the potency of CBD wax. That’s why we don’t put them in our cartridges - we cram literally as much CBD into those bad boys as possible (especially the X2).
Short answer: When we came out with it in the summer of '18, it was hands-down THE MOST POTENT CBD cartridge on the market. Long answer: We here at FTP toiled away in the lab developing the industry’s first 65% CBD wax cartridge, with no PG, VG, MCT, or hemp oil. One full gram contains a whopping 650 mg of CBD! Go ahead and run a Google search for high potency CBD wax cartridges and see what comes up. We’ll wait. Oh, literally everyone else has nothing on FTP’s cartridges? How about that.
Short answer: It depends, but usually at least a couple weeks. A standard cartridge will last between two and four weeks depending on how often you use it. We use only uncut wax so it does burn slow and last for a good amount of time. We do recommend getting the 1000 mg cartridges since they are the best value; you get the most CBD wax for your money. The X2 cartridges are by far the best value on the market.
Short answer: Use the lowest setting you can get away with. Long answer: Our batteries all have various voltage settings. Regular battery, FTP Elite battery:
  • White = 2.7V
  • Blue = 3.1V
  • Red = 3.6V
EliteHEAT (x3) battery:
  • White = 2.5V
  • Blue = 3.0V
  • Green = 3.5V
  • Red = 4.0V
Anything up to 3.6V should be fine, but your vaping experience will go more smoothly if you start low and work your way up. We generally don't recommend using the 4.0V setting on the EliteHEAT (x3) battery as it seems to be overkill with our wax, but you might find it works for you for whatever reason.
Short answer: Nope! You just need the wax to cover the cartridge's intake holes. Long answer: A common misconception is that material needs to be completely liquid in order to be vaped. This is not the case! You can totally vape any of our waxes in their thick, solid form; there just needs to be wax covering all four intake holes in the cartridge. As long as that's going on, the wax will liquefy as you heat the cartridge. This means you only need to preheat the cartridge enough to get the wax to move down to those intake holes. Our EliteHeat™ battery is special in that it preheats the WHOLE cartridge rather than just the stuff at the bottom, which makes the process much more efficient, but you do NOT need to smash that preheat function every time.
Short answer: About 1 mg per puff. Long answer: It depends on how you vape it as well. The best way to get maximum effect is to inhale and hold for a minimum of three seconds before exhaling.
The 500mg and 1,000mg refers to the physical volume of the cartridge. A full gram and half gram. There is no difference in potency, just size.
Yes! This is a high quality cartridge that does not need to be tossed out once it is done. It can easily be refilled and used again with any type of wax.
Absolutely! Winterization is the only way to make a top-of-the-line, clean wax cartridge.
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