Here at CBD For the People, we’re always seeking out ways to take people’s CBD experiences to the next level.  For our Premium CBD Flower Nugs, we went above and beyond to develop the most potent and bioavailable product possible.  After searching far and wide for the absolute best raw hemp material in mother nature, we were finally able to provide our customers with what we truly believe are the very best buds that the market has to offer.

FTP Premium CBD Flower Nugs are quickly becoming a top-selling product on our website, and today, you’ll find out why.  These raw, unadulterated nugs are not only sublimely potent in terms of their cannabidiol content, but they are highly versatile, and can be enjoyed in a wide variety of ways.

Premium CBD Flower Nugs by For the People

So, what exactly are our Premium CBD Flower Nugs, and what makes them so different from other hemp flower products?

Well, it all starts with the strain.  Most experienced CBD enthusiasts know that the cannabis plant exists in a wide array of strains, with each one boasting a unique chemical composition and level of cannabidiol.  We put a lot of effort into seeking out what we believe is the most effective and overall exceptional strain in existence, and what we have come up with is a custom-made hybrid called “Wine Widow.”  It offers a stunning 27% CBD level, which is virtually unheard of in the natural world.  Aside from that, its balanced hybrid terpene profile is certain to satisfy your needs – whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or feel uplifted when that afternoon fatigue sets in.

You can choose between two different weights depending on how frequent of a CBD flower user you are, and your individual needs.  Each container arrives with fully fresh buds preserved by an airtight seal.

How to Use the CBD Flower Nugs

Once you get your hands on the FTP Premium CBD Flower Nugs, you’ll be able to enjoy them on your terms.  As mentioned, one of the great things about CBD flower is how versatile it is.  Being simply the pure, raw buds of the hemp plant, these nugs can be experienced through various delivery methods and you can administer them on your terms.

Now, let’s go over some of the most popular ways to use CBD Flower Nugs, so that you can experiment with that which this type of product can do.

Smoke ‘em

The most common and traditional way to use CBD flower is to smoke it.  Smoking the raw flower may offer the highest bioavailability due to the nature of inhaling smoke into the lungs.  This means the effects will be felt in the most potent manner and take effect extremely fast – within minutes for most users.

There are a couple of different means for smoking flower products:

  1. Insert the flower into a pipe. To do this, simply break apart the nugs and place them in the bowl of a pipe (don’t over-stuff) and take as many hits as you want in order to feel the full effects of the hemp plant.
  2. Roll up the nugs in paper. Doing this allows you to smoke the flower almost as if you were smoking a cigarette.

Vape ‘em

You can find a wide array of high-quality vape devices made specially for flower.

However, you cannot just simply insert the raw flower into any type of vaporizer device, as only ones made for flower products are compatible.  Otherwise, you risk burning the plant, ruining your product, and making your day worse instead of better (which is the opposite of what we want).

Vaping the flower offers some unique qualities quite different from smoking.  One is that vapor is lighter, and therefore dissipates quickly without leaving a smell that clings onto materials.  Secondly, it may be smoother along the throat, which is good for those who are overly sensitive to smoke.  Plus, today’s vaporizers often come with adjustable output options such as temperature control for a more customized vaping experience.

Cooking and Baking

More people are discovering their culinary side by cooking and baking with raw hemp flower.  Edibles are a hot item on the market and making your own from scratch gives you more control over your daily CBD routine.

Cooking with raw hemp flower isn’t nearly as intimidating as it may sound.  The key is to make a CBD-infused fat by slow-cooking the buds in butter or an oil.  From there, you can follow your favorite recipe using the hemp fat in place of what you would normally use.

Conveniently, you can find lots of CBD edible recipes online that use raw flower rather than CBD oil.  This can help you come up with new ideas for tasty treats while giving you a good guide for dosing each serving size.

Make a Topical

Simply use the same principle as above by creating a hemp-infused oil, which can then be blended with other ingredients to produce salves, creams, lotions and more.  Add some of your favorite essential oils and you’re good to go.

Being Creative is the True Beauty of the Raw Plant

With our special Premium CBD Flower Nugs, you can experience hemp in a wide variety of ways while knowing that you’re getting some of the best and most potent CBD on the planet.  Choose your preferred delivery method and explore what our carefully sourced Wine Widow strain can do for your daily hemp routine.

Premium CBD Hemp Flower

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