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Introducing the new standard in CBD: The Uncut CBD Vape Pod.

As always, our CBD is 100% uncut, unrefined and unrivaled. Hemp-legal and cannabinoid-rich, our products are also guaranteed to be flavored with only natural and organic terpene profiles.

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As Raw as It Gets: Additive-Free, Non-GMO Goodness

When we say our CBD is uncut and unrefined, we’re being 100% serious. We have the lab results to prove it, too.

Unlike many CBD vape products on the market, our cartridges and pods contain no PG/VG or MCT — not even hemp oil. Absolutely no unneeded carriers, no additives, no flow agents.

We also take pride in providing you with unrefined, full-spectrum CBD. Other botanical compounds in the plant carry anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and we don’t filter those out.

No Muss, No Fuss: Smart and Easy

Check out our pocket-friendly FTP SMART Battery Kit. After all, it goes perfectly with our X1 and X2 Uncut CBD pods. It’s sold separately, but costs less than the price of one CBD pod.

The FTP SMART is a step up from your normal battery kits. With smart power output that fluctuates based on your inhalation, it will never overheat and will always give you a consistent vaping experience. Because of this feature, the battery kit is also buttonless — say goodbye to the anxiety of accidental clicks.

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As our satisfied customers know, here at CBD For The People we like to go way beyond full-spectrum.

When we came out with our now famous 1000mg @ 30% cartridge, we took organic CBD vaping to the limit with what was at the time the maximum milligram CBD potency.

What else could have come next but to raise the stakes?

Warning: X2 Uncut Is Not for CBD Beginners

You might think more is always better, but with CBD you must gauge your tolerance and ideal potency. Even our original 1000mg @ 30% CBD cartridges and X1 Uncut CBD pods should be vaped in small hits to start. Our wax pods are potent because we designed them to last for a long time.

Remember: Take it slowly and don’t take a deep hit right away. If you truly need more, work your way to a larger inhale.

What are CBD Vape Pods?

CBD vape pods are small disposable canisters containing high-CBD wax (a clean, potent extract from the hemp plant). Our wax 100% uncut CBD wax, no PG/VG, MCT, PEG or any other cutting agent, carrier oil, or artificial flavoring.

These go into a special easy-to-use unit with a battery that applies an electrical current to the wax, rapidly heating it to the point where the CBD molecules vaporize and can be inhaled.

It’s a neat, efficient way to combine the benefits of smoking CBD without having to actually set it on fire.

How Do CBD Vape Pods Make You Feel?

It’s important to remember that with CBD vape pods, your mileage may vary – it all depends on your brain chemistry, cannabinoid receptors, inflammation levels, etc. Generally speaking, if you have chronic aches & pains or anxiety, vaping CBD can help level you out, bring you closer to normal, and calm down your nerves a bit.

If you’re already healthy and happy, you might just feel extra relaxed.
There are many ways to consume CBD, and vape pods just happen to be an especially fast and effective way to get it into your system.

How to Enjoy Our Variety of Natural Flavors

Did we mention that our CBD pods come in the same dozen flavors we continue to offer in our cartridges and tinctures?

CBD For The People blends up to 30 separate natural terpenes for each flavor, to mimic the taste and feel of 12 different strains. Enjoy the flavor without the high.

What Are Terpenes?

Naturally occurring, terpenes in a strain affect smell and noticeable effects of a plant.

For example: Super Lemon Haze contains a good amount of Terpinolene, which contributes a sedative or calming effect. It’s no surprise that it also contains Limonene, which imparts a bright citrus zing.

How Can I Tell What the CBD Pods Will Taste Like?

The best way is to try them. The names can be very descriptive, too. We mentioned above that Super Lemon Haze will have a citrus quality. It should follow that Blue Cheddar may have a cheesy aftertaste, and Pineapple Express will have a hint of the tropical fruit. You get it.

If you can’t figure it out by the name of the strain, the taste is likely somewhere in between flowery and earthy.

Sativa, Indica, Hybrid: What’s the Difference?

You may notice that CBD For The People has five Hybrids, four Sativas, and three Indicas. Does this matter at all in terms of taste? No, but it can be used to pick out a desired effect. 

  • Hybrid: Each Hybrid strain is unique, and usually with a strong impact cultivated by farmers over time.
  • Sativa: Associated with creativity and productivity. It may have an energizing effect.
  • Indica: Choose one of these if you want to relax or alleviate pain. It can also be an appetite stimulant.

Ready to Experience the Maximum CBD Potency?

Enjoy the benefits of CBD without no additives and no chemical agents, at supreme strength. You can take your CBD experience to an entirely new level today and feel the difference yourself.

Try CBD For The People’s Uncut CBD Pods today!