If you haven’t explored CBD topicals, you’re missing out on an entirely unique way to experience the soothing compounds that the hemp plant has to offer.  CBD topicals are different from other delivery methods in that they supply you with the ability to focus in on specific areas of the body for targeted relief. 

Of all of the different types of topical formulas that you can find on the market, there’s something about salves that never fail to remain at the top of the list.  CBD salves offer a specific type of consistency that’s great for massaging deep into the skin, allowing the compounds to penetrate the muscles on a uniquely impressive level.  They also come in all different types of formulas, being enhanced by various botanicals, herbs, and essential oils. 

Now, if you’re looking to invest in a salve specifically for pain relief, we will help you decide whether a hot or cooling formula is best for you.

CBD Salves for Aches and Pains: Why’s It So Commonly Associated with Pain Relief? 

Well, a salve is any wax-based formula that is meant to be massaged into the skin for some form of topical relief. 

Studies show that transdermal cannabidiol administration has the potential to effectively manage inflammation and general pain levels, and CBD salves offer the unique bioavailability factor that people are looking for by providing a formula that absorbs very quickly due to its unique consistency and its ability to melt into the skin on contact.

Massaging a salve deep into the skin allows the cannabinoids in hemp to bind with cannabinoid receptors not only in the skin itself, but also the muscles and joints.  This means that each application may be able to give you the deep relief that you are looking for.

How CBD Salves are Made

CBD salves are made with a hemp extract, produced from potent hemp flower buds that are naturally rich in cannabidiol and other compounds that work together to offer relief through various chemical properties.  This hemp extract is blended with a wax as well as other naturally occurring plant-based ingredients that soothe the skin, aid in spreadability and offer healing properties.

How to Use CBD Salves

One great thing about CBD salves is how easy they are to use.  There really is no need to meticulously measure out each and every portion, as all that you need to do is scoop some product with your fingertips and massage it deeply into the skin of the affected area.  The compounds should peak in terms of effectiveness within 15 to 30 minutes and may remain active for up to 6 or so hours.  You can apply your salve however often you need based on the specific symptoms you are experiencing.

Hot or Cold: Which Can Better Soothe Aching Muscles?

Now, let’s compare warming and cooling salves to see which one is more effective at treating aches and pains in the muscles and joints.

Warming Topicals

We know that warmth can benefit the muscles and joints by increasing blood flow to the affected area, and helping the muscles relax.  Therefore, these are great for tense muscles that are full of knots.  Taking a warm bath is known to be a great means for easing tension, and warming salves follow the same principles. 

Typically, warming salves rely on natural herbs that are known to provide a warming sensation when applied to the skin.  Ingredients like capsaicin (like in chili peppers), ginger, and cinnamon may provide warmth deep within the muscles once absorbed.

Cooling Topicals

Then, there are salves with cooling ingredients.  Menthol is a common go-to, as it offers a cooling and numbing sensation, and is renowned for its analgesic properties that can relieve pain.  Eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils provide these effects wonderfully.

Cooling topicals work like ice, as they can reduce swelling and heal inflammation.  This is why so many of us ice an injury as soon as it occurs. 

Which is Better?

So, if you’re going to use a CBD salve to treat muscle and joint pain, should you opt for a cooling or a warming formula? 

The answer is…it depends.  Generally, cooling formulas are great for recent injuries and swelling associated with inflammation.  Warming formulas are ideal for muscle tension and restriction causing pain.  But, many times, we have both of these problems simultaneously.  This is why many medical specialists recommend alternating between hot and cold.

We recommend exploring both, as they can each address your pain in a unique way.  At CBD For the People, we offer a wide range of high-quality salve formulas that contain a blend of pure, uncut and uniquely potent hemp extract along with natural, plant-derived ingredients that offer soothing properties to the muscles.  Our Dark Unrefined Menthol CBD Salve is a particularly popular option, providing a powerful cooling and numbing sensation that feels just like ice on the skin and muscles.

Raising the Bar for Yourself When it comes to Unrefined, Hemp-Derived Topicals

If you’re going to incorporate a CBD topical into your routine, opt for a salve that absorbs into the skin quickly and incorporates other healing compounds derived from mother nature.  Whether you opt for one that cools the body or offers a pleasant warming sensation, you may be surprised by just how much one jar can provide you with the relief you deserve.

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