It’s more common than ever before to be vaping CBD, whether in the form of a vape oil or a more concentrated wax product.  Generally speaking, vaping hemp is one of the easiest ways to experience all that cannabidiol is capable of, by being a delivery method known for being extremely fast-acting and potent when absorbed into the bodily system.  Today’s vaping market offers a huge array of high-quality vaping goods from which enthusiasts can choose.

However, with all that said, even the most careful and experienced vaper can find that once in a while, they end up burning their wax or oil.

What Happens When You Burn CBD Oil or Wax During a Vape Session?

Burning CBD oil or wax isn’t the rarest thing in the world, but it should still be avoided as much as possible.

For one thing, burnt wax or oil will create an unpleasant taste, and can be very harsh along the throat when inhaled, causing you to cough and experience throat irritation.

But, perhaps more importantly, burnt oil or wax may not be as potent, and therefore won’t give you the results that you’re looking for.  When the compounds in hemp are heated at too high of a temperature, they degrade, which means that they lose their potency due to damage done to the chemical integrity.  Therefore, there’s always a possibility that burnt wax or oil will not have the potency you want in order to feel the effects of CBD, making it essentially useless.

How to Avoid Burning Your Product: Tips That Work

So, how can you avoid burning your wax or oil?  Here are the tips to follow.

Tip #1: Use Compatible Hardware

First of all, it’s crucial that you always use hardware that is compatible with the product that you are vaping.  One thing that we hear about often is people installing a vape cartridge into a box mod device that is made for vaping nicotine e-juices.  Many people mistakenly think that these products are compatible because they share a 510-threaded connection mechanism.  Box mods, however, operate at output levels that are far too high for the sensitive compounds in hemp, and will almost definitely burn your product.

Similarly, waxes and vape oils require their own separate types of devices that can accommodate the needs of the particular product.  So, before you buy a device, make sure it is compatible with the wax or oil that you will be using.

Tip #2: Set the Output Settings Appropriately

Even devices made specifically for waxes and vape oils may offer variable output settings that go higher than that which the product can handle.  For instance, a lot of CBD vape pens have voltage dials on the bottom, with higher voltages burning the product at higher temperatures.  Often, vapers mistakenly go for the highest setting, thinking that it will give them the most potent hits possible.  The problem is that there’s a big risk of burning the product as a result.  Also, this can cause hot spots on the coils.

So, always start with the lowest setting and adjust it only if you need to.

Tip #3: Wait Between Each Puff

It’s always wise to wait about 30 seconds or more between each puff, so that the coil gets a chance to cool down before getting fired again.  Sometimes, keeping the coil consistently hot by taking hit after hit can cause the coil to burn, thus burning your product once again.

Tip #4: Only Use High-Quality Hardware, Vape Oil and Wax Products

Finally, even if you do everything right, if you’re using low-quality products, you’re more likely to burn your vape oil or wax.  For instance, cheaper devices can give out inconsistent outputs, and low-quality waxes and oils can be very chemically unstable and therefore more prone to burning.

There are devices out there with certain features that make vaping these types of CBD products more enjoyable.  Features such as temperature control or variable wattage can make a positive impact in this regard.

Final Thoughts

Part of maintaining a CBD vaping routine is doing what you can to avoid burning your wax or oil, because this can lead to a wasted product.  By simply following the tips above, you should never have to worry about running into this problem, while your device works to its fullest potential and those coils last longer while being effective.

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