Gummy NOIDS™ DARK FULL SPECTRUM Gummies – 1200mg CBD (48 pieces)

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At long last…Due to popular demand, CBD FTP presents to you…our beloved and loyal peoples…
Dark. CBD. Gummies.
*thunderous applause, cheers and/or screams*

We wanted to produce a gummy, but we refused to compromise on our motto  “if it ain’t raw, it ain’t right.”
So to solve this conundrum, we called in the heavy artillery: Wizards.
Yes, it required nothing short of wizardry to imbue our unrivaled dark full spectrum CBD extract into a delightful fruity VEGAN gummy cube.

How’s the taste you ask?
It’s like a slice of heaven from your local farmers’ market.
Your choice of fresh mango, raw strawberry, or ripe watermelon will make your taste buds scream for more!
That’s saying something since full spectrum products tend to taste very earthy.

Now you can have your cake and eat it too!  (and by “cake” we of course mean “unrefined, dark hemp extract with a full spectrum cannabinoid profile, terpenes, and an arsenal of phytonutrients.)

All products are made fresh-to-order like a restaurant. We don't cook it until you order it! Please allow 2-5 business days cook and manufacturing time prior to shipping. Again your order will take 2-5 business days manufacturing time prior to shipping. Please time your reorders accordingly, thank you!

All of our products are lab tested by SC Labs or other comparable approved labs. Click here to review our lab results.

FTP overnight shipping Policy: Please read carefully.
Policy is exclusive for overnight orders ONLY. 
Delivery date is guaranteed or your money will be refunded.

Due to the organic nature of CBD FTP products, inventory does not sit on a shelf. Overnight orders are made fresh on demand prior to shipping and given extreme priority over all other orders. Please allow 24-48 business hours for your order to ship, according to our schedule below.  

Overnight orders placed BEFORE 8:00pm PST Mon-Thurs will be created and shipped the following business day. 
Orders placed AFTER 8:00pm PST Mon-Thurs(or anytime over the weekend) will be created and shipped the 2nd business day. 

Example 1: order placed by 8pm cutoff time on Thursday. 
Overnight order placed Thursday night at 7:30pm PST will be created and shipped Friday morning. 

Example 2: order placed after 8pm cutoff time. 
Overnight order placed Thursday night at 9:30pm PST(or anytime over the weekend) will be created and shipped on Tuesday morning. 

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