Here at CBD For The People, we take a mad scientist-like approach to concocting our hemp formulas.  We’re always dreaming up new and exciting ways to help you incorporate cannabidiol into your daily routine, by developing a wide range of delivery methods that each preserve the purity and potency levels of the compounds in hemp that we know and love.

If you’re not down with vaping or smoking CBD, you might want to look into giving our Hemp Tea a try.  This is a deliciously smooth and gratifying green tea that’s infused with raw hemp goodness to give it a potent kick of cannabidiol in addition to other cannabinoids, terpenes and nutrients.

Are You Down to Smoke hemp Flower? …No?

FTP has developed one of the finest drinkable CBD-infused products that the market has to offer, simply put.  Our Hemp Tea infuses our signature Wine Widow strain into an organic lemon ginseng green tea.  We don’t need to remind you of all of the benefits that green tea has to offer, but what we can say is that when you combine the unique properties of green tea with those of the hemp plant, you can know that you’re in for a treat.

Wine Widow is a strain that we had custom-bred, as we wanted something with a uniquely high cannabidiol level.  This hybrid strain boasts a whopping 27% pure CBD, making it one of the most potent strains that you can find in the natural world.  This means that each cup of tea supplies you with a superb hemp concentration, while being smooth and flavorful at the same time.

Each box provides you with seven tea bags, and each tea bag can actually produce two cups of tea, because it’s just that darn potent.

How Our Hemp Tea is Made

Our Hemp Tea starts with high-quality Wine Widow CBD flower buds, which are ground into a tea-like consistency that can easily be inserted into a bag.  The hemp is combined with green tea leaves and flavored with natural lemon and ginseng that offer additional benefits to the body and mind.  Then, the bags are sealed and packaged so that they can be used without any hassle whatsoever.

Hot or Cold: The Choice is Yours

Do you like curling up with a steaming cup and a nice, cozy blanket, or do you prefer to quench your thirst with a big glass of iced tea?  Either way, you can enjoy our Hemp Tea on your terms.  You’ll be delighted to find that the natural taste of hemp is just as complementary to our green tea blend whether it’s served warm or on ice.

The rule of thumb when it comes to hemp beverages is that you should never let the temperature exceed 200 degrees Fahrenheit.  Otherwise, the CBD and other compounds could end up degrading and losing their potency.  You can steep tea at anywhere from 120 to 160 degrees and drink it immediately without burning yourself. 

  • To make hot tea, steep the tea bag for 3 to 10 minutes, with 10 minutes giving you the most potent cup possible.
  • To make iced tea, steep it using the same method and let it sit for a couple of minutes to cool before pouring it over ice. From there, you can drink it out of a glass or pour it into a water bottle to sip while you’re on the go.

Incorporating our Hemp Tea into Your Daily Routine

Now, let’s share some tips for getting as much out of our Hemp Tea as possible by incorporating it into your daily routine.

Tip #1: Cozy Up with a Warm Cup Before Bedtime

So many of us find that few things are as relaxing as drinking a warm cup of tea as part of our nightly routine.  Tea has a relaxing quality to it that helps us feel calmer and more centered, and the calming properties of cannabidiol can take this experience to the next level.  Note that green tea does contain caffeine, so drinking it at night may interfere with your sleep if you have a uniquely low caffeine tolerance.

Tip #2: Wake Up to a Cup of CBD-Infused Green Tea

Drinking our Hemp Tea in the morning can help you feel invigorated and ready for your day.  Simply replace your regular morning cup with this, and you’ll be giving your body a generous dose of high-quality hemp along with all of the energizing and clarity-enhancing benefits that green tea, lemon and ginseng have to offer.

Tip #3: Sip on Your Brew During Work Hours

Many of us find that during our workday, we encounter moments of stress as well as moments of burnout.  If you can relate, you can bring your tea with you and sip on it when you need a little extra help from mother nature.  Plus, its refreshing flavor will always hit the spot.

Tip #4: Use it Alongside Other CBD FTP Products

Our Hemp Tea doesn’t have to be your only source of CBD in your daily routine.  This product can be taken alongside our other CBD products in order to support your body’s endocannabinoid system through various means.

Have Your CBD and Tea, Too!

At CBD for the People, we want our customers to be able to experience hemp according to their individual preferences, needs and goals.  Our Hemp Tea is the ultimate choice for those who desire hemp in drinkable form.  As you can see, it’s a product that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, and it has what it takes to give your body the perfect daily dose of cannabidiol.

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