Answering the question of how long CBD Oil stays in the body’s system can be a difficult task since everyone has a different physiological makeup. While CBD is unlikely to cause a person to fail a drug test, even trace amounts of THC can build up over time.

If you’re dealing with sensitive drug testing for a job or any other reason, understanding the ins and outs of consumption is crucial.

Does CBD Show Up On Drug Tests?

CBD itself does not show up on drug tests. However, many CBD products contain trace amounts of THC which can build up over time and may increase the likelihood of testing positive on a drug test.

Since THC is fat-soluble, knowing its half-life of it is somewhat complicated. Some factors that contribute to the amount of time that it stays within your system include:

  • Genetic traits that may affect your metabolism and other bodily functions
  • Weight, height, age, and other physical factors
  • How frequently you use cannabis products 
  • Current and typical dosage

In addition to all of this, there are many different forms of CBD. Different routes of administration (ROAs) act differently within the body and can affect the user for longer.

Oils, smokables, and vapables are typically shorter in total duration but take effect sooner. Edibles, capsules, and other oral routes typically last longer, stay in your system for more time, and result in stronger effects.

All this works together to determine how long drug screens can detect THC.

How Long Until CBD Is Out of Your System?

Depending on the factors above, there may be metabolites of THC still in your system for as long as 15 days or more. The more frequently you use CBD, the amount of THC in your CBD product, and more can make it take even longer. 

All this and more can affect the time it takes for tests to no longer be able to detect THC in your urine. 

In terms of the effect of the cannabinoids, users can expect that to be over within 5-12 hours, depending on the ROA. So, what about tinctures specifically? How long does CBD Oil stay in your system for a drug test?

How long does CBD Tincture Last In Your System?

When we narrow it down to the single ROA, the answer is still difficult. For instance, the majority of the way people take CBD is through sublingual (under the tongue) use – one which leaves the system pretty quickly.

The problem is that people also often swallow the oil after letting it sit under their tongue. While it’s not effective to only consume the oil orally, there is still some amount of the cannabinoids that will get through.

Edible cannabis options are the ones that stay in the system the longest since they undergo metabolism in the body.  The metabolites (byproducts from this) from edibles may stay in the system longer (as is evident by the fact that their effect lasts longer as well.)

Different Forms of Tinctures

Another element to take into account is that some tinctures have more THC in them than others. Our raw, uncut hemp cartridges, for example, will have more THC in them than an isolated or broad-spectrum option.

If you’re taking 1000mg of full-spectrum CBD three times a day, that will add up. Since THC can stick around in the system for a bit, regular, repeated use can stack them on top of each other. Eventually, this can create a significant enough quantity for drug tests to pick up on it.

Due to the fear of failing a drug test, many people will reach for isolated tinctures of high potency to make up for the lack of THC. It’s important to note, however, that even isolated tinctures may have small amounts of THC in them and there is still no guarantee.

Finding the Best CBD Tincture

If trace amounts of THC aren’t an issue for you personally, we highly recommend looking for a tincture that includes it. While THC may not be the driving force behind the effect of the product, it plays a big role in its potency. 

Trace amounts of THC contribute to the Entourage Effect of cannabis and may play a direct role in how useful CBD is. Our raw, uncut cartridges aim to retain those trace THC compounds as well as the many other components of the cannabis plant.

CBD may be the most powerful part of hemp, but it’s not as powerful as it can be when it’s on its own. Isolated and broad-spectrum solutions are great for people sensitive to THC or undergoing strict drug testing but cannot match the effectiveness of full-spectrum.

Check out our website if you still have any questions and feel free to use our live chat feature to talk with a cannabis expert today. If you want to check out the full power of cannabis and experience the whole entourage, check out our black CBD raw tincture.

By J Gordon Curtis

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