We all could use some zen nowadays. In addition to the typical stresses of work, family, and day-to-day life, 2020 has brought a host of unexpected global challenges. If you weren’t already into calming practices like meditation and mindfulness, you’re probably on board with the concept now.

The practice of meditation isn’t anything new. It’s been a common practice in Eastern cultures for thousands of years, but it’s only started becoming commonplace in Western cultures in the last few decades. While some people use meditation as a spiritual practice, others find that it simply helps them re-center and remain calm. One thing that has been elevating the meditative experience for many people is the use of CBD tea or other hemp-derived products.

While CBD does not produce any mind-altering or psychoactive effects, many people report that it helps them to feel calmer and more relaxed. If you’re interested in learning more about this practice, keep reading!

How CBD and Meditation Keep You Balanced

Meditation is all about becoming balanced again, both physically and mentally. Your body is already always trying to stay balanced on its own. This is known as homeostasis. One system in your body that plays a key role in keeping you balanced (maintaining homeostasis) is called your endocannabinoid system, or the ECS. This system is filled with cannabinoids that your body naturally produces (endocannabinoids).

Although it’s your ECS’s job to maintain balance, sometimes it doesn’t work perfectly. When that happens, you may need a boost from an outside source. That’s exactly what CBD can give you! CBD is a phytocannabinoid, one of the many cannabinoids naturally found in the cannabis plant. It’s similar to the cannabinoids your body produces. When you supplement your natural ECS by taking CBD, those phytocannabinoids will interact with your ECS’s receptors, bringing you back to balance.

When you think about it this way, it’s no wonder that CBD is so useful for helping you to meditate. Both meditating and taking CBD can help you become more balanced mentally and physically. When you combine the two practices, you may experience superior results.

How CBD Can Improve Your Ability to Meditate

Maybe you think that meditating sounds like a beneficial practice in theory, but you’ve never been able to do it. A common obstacle many people face is distraction. We’re so used to being constantly on the go that it’s difficult to take the time to sit down and let your mind go blank, focusing on nothing else other than your own breathing.

If you have anxiety, the problem is even greater. You’re constantly on edge and worried about something. People with anxiety could benefit from meditating more than the average person, but if you can’t calm your mind for meditation, how will you be able to reap the rewards?

That’s where CBD may be able to help! CBD has been studied for a wide variety of uses, but anxiety is one of the major ones. There is some evidence to suggest that CBD may be beneficial for those who suffer from general anxiety disorder as well as social anxiety. Thus, if you suffer from anxiety and are interested in getting into meditation, you may have an easier time using CBD (such as a hemp joint) to help get you in the right headspace.

Maybe you don’t have anxiety, but you still struggle with being able to meditate. The research on CBD’s effect on sleep is helpful in understanding how CBD may help with meditation. Many people experience improved sleep quality with CBD. Although meditation isn’t exactly sleep, it is similar because both practices require a relaxed state and an uncluttered mind.

Forms of CBD to Use with Meditation

There are a variety of ways you can use CBD, whether you are using it to complement your meditation routine or you just want to add it to your daily regimen. One of the most popular types of CBD for meditation is CBD tea. Many people already find drinking warm tea to be relaxing first thing in the morning or before you go to bed at night. The addition of CBD makes for an even more relaxing experience. You’ll be in the right headspace to meditate!

Smoking a hemp joint is another popular way to enjoy your CBD with meditation. This is especially true if you want to experience the effects of CBD fast. When you inhale CBD through smoking or vaping, CBD goes from the lungs straight to the bloodstream. That’s quicker than alternatives such as taking your CBD oil orally.

Many people prefer to use pre-rolled hemp joints because they are so easy to use and portable. If you’re traveling and want to make sure you have easy access to CBD even on the go, this is a fantastic option.

Are There Downsides?

Maybe you’re intrigued by CBD but you’re concerned that incorporating it into your daily routine could lead to some kind of addiction. Technically, you can get addicted to just about anything if you aren’t careful. But you shouldn’t be any more worried about getting addicted to CBD than sugar, caffeine, or other indulgences.

CBD is non-intoxicating. It only contains a minuscule amount of THC so you don’t have to worry about it getting you high. Because of this, you can experience a superior meditative experience without the downsides. CBD shouldn’t disrupt your meditation sessions. It should enhance it!

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