There are many ways of taking CBD that can feel complicated with all the measuring, mixing, grinding, and preparing. But then there are CBD flower pre-rolls, which are arguably the easiest way to enjoy your CBD. Here’s everything you need to know before trying this delightful CBD product.

What are CBD Pre-Rolls?

You may have heard of CBD pre-rolls by their other name: Hemp joints. To make a pre-rolled CBD joint, you have to start with dried, ground-up CBD hemp flower. CBD flower is insanely popular because it’s one of the most natural ways to consume CBD. And smoking a joint is one of the most popular ways to consume CBD flower!

Premium CBD flower pre-rolls come with all the benefits you’re used to getting from CBD flower but with added convenience and portability. When you want the ultimate CBD fix fast, reach for your CBD pre-roll. Just light up, and you’ll be ready to go in a jiffy!

Some people enjoy the process of crushing the flower, rolling, and lighting up themselves. It’s an art to them. But for others, there just isn’t enough time to put all that effort into preparing their own joint. Plus, pre-rolled joints come in multi-packs. Not only is this a great time-saver but it also makes the experience easy and economical.

Rolling your own joints takes practice to get it right. It’s also difficult to do with consistency. While some of your joints may turn out perfectly, others may end up being sub-par. Even worse, you might lose some of that premium CBD flower in the process.

Taking your CBD product on the go is often a bad idea if it isn’t ready-made. It’s complicated and messy to prepare. Unless you have a roomy purse (…or satchel), it’s also difficult to transport all the items you need to prepare a joint.

How Do Pre-Rolled Hemp Joints Work?

The amount of CBD you’re getting from your CBD pre-roll will depend on the type of joint you purchase and where you purchase it from. But you shouldn’t have to worry about getting high from your CBD pre-rolls. This is because CBD pre-rolls have very little or no THC, which is the psychoactive cannabinoid from the cannabis plant.

Because you smoke them, you can experience the effects of CBD fast when you’re using joints. It’s even faster to use pre-rolls than joints you roll yourself since you don’t have to prepare them. This makes pre-rolls the ideal choice when you want fast relief from whatever it is you’re using CBD for.

Usually, it takes just a few minutes—or a couple puffs—to feel the effects of a premium CBD flower joint. As an added bonus, the sensation of smoking the hemp flower is often enough to put the user in a better mood.

How to Store Your Pre-Rolled Joints

Even if you can see the benefits of buying your joints pre-rolled, you might also be cautious of getting anything that’s been sitting on the shelf pre-rolled for an undetermined amount of time. Don’t worry: buying your joints pre-rolled doesn’t have to mean they’ll go stale and lose their flavor. This is true as long as you buy from a high-quality company you know you can trust to store their joints properly.

In addition, it’s important that you make sure you’re storing your pre-rolled joints correctly to preserve freshness as long as possible. This is really true of any CBD product, but it’s especially important for CBD joints. The best way to store your pre-rolled joints is to keep them in a cool, dry place that’s also dark. If you want to be extra cautious, you might consider storing the joints in a glass jar or a joint tube (or a sealed joint tin!).

The Cost of Pre-Rolled Joints

One of the other main concerns you might have about buying your joints pre-rolled is the extra cost. After all, products that are DIY are often more inexpensive than ones that are pre-prepared. But this shouldn’t necessarily be something that sways you in your choice about whether you should buy pre-rolled joints or do it yourself. The cost difference is typically minuscule. Most people find it so insignificant that the time they save is more than worth it!

If you’re going to roll your own joints, there are also other things you have to invest in upfront. You have to buy your own grinder, cones, rolling papers, and filters. Every time you want to roll a joint, you’ll have to make sure you have these items on hand. Sure, in time, these will pay for themselves if you’re a regular joint user. But when you weigh the costs in the short run, getting pre-rolled joints is actually cheaper than rolling your own!

To Pre-Roll or Not Pre-Roll?

Like with pretty much every CBD product, whether or not CBD pre-rolls are for you really comes down to personal preference. One important consideration when choosing if you want to smoke pre-rolled hemp joints is dosage. As you may have guessed, you can’t really get an exact dose when you’re smoking CBD. If you want a very specific dosage, you’re better off opting for capsules or a tincture.

Rolling your own joints can actually be incredibly difficult if you’re a person who suffers from arthritis or any kind of joint pain in your fingers. Buying your hemp joints already rolled is easy and pain-free—no wrist work needed!

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